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Jack & Sue Drafahl

For over 47 years, Jack and Sue Drafahl have written more than 800 articles for eighteen different magazines. In addition, they have seven technical books published with Amherst Media.In 2006, they decided to change the course of their writing to include fiction.  Since then, Jack and Sue have written nineteen novels that span the gamut of genres from Future Science to Romance.  They are now in the process of publishing them and will let you know when they are available for purchase.


Discovery Book One in the Ship series.

Jake McDonald’s life has hit rock bottom. He’s lost his job, and his wife and two children have lost their faith in him. It seems that everything that could go wrong has happened, and he now has nowhere to turn. In a final effort to salvage his financial problems, Jake turned from banking to lobster fishing off Santa Barbara Island. While scuba diving, he discovers an underwater cave that extends deep beneath the island’s shoreline. As he swims into the cave looking for fish and lobster, he finds an alien artifact. This discovery drastically transforms his life and changes the history of planet Earth in a way no one could have ever imagined. Discovery is the first book in the Ship series that draws suppositions from the future science of NASA, and asks the question “Are we really alone?” Jake McDonald uses the discovered artifact to help answer that question, while attempting to unify and protect his family. His ability to think outside the box enables him to explore the worlds beyond the bounds of Earth’s atmosphere.

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Voyage Book Two in the Ship series.

As Jake McDonald and his family leave Earth on the Phoenix, his new found alien spaceship, they face challenges never before encountered by humans. While exploring Mars, Jake discovers there is a spy among his new band of Earth travelers. Besides locating the spy, he’s dealing with the diverse personalities among the group and the problems that arise as they attempt to work together. The band of Earthlings soon discovers that the physics of space travel affects both time and space. Days on the ship equivocate to years on Earth, and this eventually splits the group into two factions fighting for control as they journey into deep space. Jake and his wife, Beth, divide their time between maintaining peace among travelers and solving the constantly arising new problems of space travel. Meanwhile, they try to keep their own family together. As the ship voyages into deep space, it travels from planet to planet, searching for the answer to the question, are we alone? Ship Voyage is a book about the very nature of human evolution beyond the bounds of Earth. It addresses the physical and mental challenges humans might face as they explore planets hundreds of light-years from Earth.

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Return Book Three in the Ship series.

After ten years on the planet Tormst, Jake McDonald’s family has come to an impasse. The oldest son Brad, wants to return to Earth and discover what happened after more than a hundred years. A heated argument between Jake and his son ensues, and Brad leaves on the spaceship Phoenix with two other passengers. After several weeks of regret, Jake and Beth decide to follow Brad on a smaller, slower ship. When Jake and Beth arrive in orbit around Earth, there are no communications from radio or television. They land in Santa Barbara and find no people but instead a very diverse animal population, including many ice age animals. Continued investigation indicates that something terrible happened twenty years after the Phoenix left Earth. Plans are made to find Brad and discover what happened to the people of Earth. Excursions into the western U.S. prove to be more dangerous than anticipated. During one of the trips, the McDonald family suffers a loss that forces the group to rethink their plans. Death and destruction are the norms for new Earth, and the surprise just out of view is the biggest twist and turn of the Ship Series.

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Earth Book Four in the Ship series.
Earth (Ship book four) is two stories occurring in the same place but at different points in time. The first timeline starts seven years after a man-made plague appears to kill everyone on Earth. Six Technical Force survivors struggle to discover what happened to all the people and defend themselves against Ice Age animals and an unknown human enemy that also survived. They establish a new home in Oregon where generations of children spread their exploration throughout the mainland U.S.

The second timeline concerns the events following Jake McDonald’s return to Earth more than a hundred years later, where he discovers that someone has survived, both friend and enemy. The oldest son Brad is responsible for restoring Earth, while the transplants from Mars and the remaining crew from Jake’s ship Meg, set up communities on the smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean. Chapters alternate back and forth between the two timelines as they come crashing together at the same time.

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You can preview sample chapters by going to: Earth

Ambassador Book Five in the Ship series.

In the final chapter of the Ship Series, the aliens that created the ship Jake McDonald found inside Santa Barbara Island, invite him as the Ambassador of Earth. He, Beth, and his son Jason travel with the nomadic race called the Harpcons across the galaxy in search of answers to the creation of the universe and the location of the Harpcon home world. As they get closer to their goal, they encounter a warlike race called the destroyers. Unprepared to do battle, they use Jake’s knowledge of sci-fi movies and TV shows to battle a much more powerful race than the Harpcons. Jake McDonald finally realizes his dream as he explores dozens of worlds across the Milky Way galaxy.

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Paradise Book Six in the Ship series.



















It was a quiet day in Paradise, Iowa, or at least Sheriff Sam Preston thought so as he drank his morning coffee. First, the power goes out, then a prehistoric animal kills a local man at the edge of town. Problems escalate with no GPS, a loss of all communication, and all roads into Paradise are cut off by heavy forest. When he realizes that the problems border on the side of science fiction, he assembles a hodge-podge team of scientists to figure out why it appears that the small Iowa town is the only human habitation on Earth.




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Polaris Book One in the Time & Space series.

Dr. Alexa Zorn is a museum artifact researcher that finds what appears to be a sci-fi movie prop hidden in an old storage area. With her team of specialists, she starts to unravel the alien device's secrets, leading her to a one-day time machine buried in Death Valley. Soon after, a billionaire collector with high political connections tries to steal the artifact to add to his evergrowing collection of stolen artifacts. Alexa and her team race through time, keeping one step ahead of the billionaire, her ex-husband, the government, and all the global disasters that want to end all life on Earth. If you mix Lora Croft and Indiana Jones into one person, Polaris would be the result.

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Spyglass Book Two in the Time & Space series.

Dr. Cathleen Massey, a scientist working with the Hubble telescope,
discovers an unknown object coming from light years away that will pass by Mars in ten years. When the object is finally visible, images indicate an alien spaceship twenty miles long, eight miles wide, and four miles high. A new space race is on as NASA, China, and two billionaires build Mars bound spaceships in hopes of reaching the alien ship first. Little do they know that the first contact will change the future of mankind in a way no one had ever imagined possible.

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Paradox Book Three in the Time & Space series

In 2035, a NASA Orion spacecraft goes through an anomaly near the moon, ending in 1969. As the four astronauts try to understand what has happened, they soon realize that taking an AI iPhone from 2035 back to 1969 would drastically change the course of human history and create a new river of time. The crew commander has a special AI brain implant and seems to be the key to fixing the problem as she moves outside normal time and space. The more she tries to jump from one timeline to the next, the worse the problem gets. Then she finds out who is responsible, which is definitely not human.

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You can preview sample chapters by going to: Paradox

C.E.O. is Book Five in the Acroname series.

Charles Edward Owens loves being a helicopter pilot, but tragedy ended his Army flying career.  Before he can barely put his life back together, he faces the challenge of managing his family’s estate when both his parents pass away.  Charlie converts the assets and forms an extremely successful green power company specializing in wind and solar power. 
While riding the waves of success, a series of unexplained accidents rob him of his beloved wife and daughter.  His life and company are thrown into turmoil as death and evil stalk him from the shadows, intent on erasing everyone and everything he values from the face of the Earth.  This battle with an unknown enemy will require every ounce of his mental and physical strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

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You can preview sample chapters by going to: C.E.O.

O.M.G. is Book Four in the Acroname series.

Three college buddies band together to create a company that doesdeep sea treasure diving and recovery of historical artifacts. Using advanced technical diving suits, they make their first dive to a thousand feet off the Oregon coast in quest of a missing WWII Japanese submarine. Instead, they uncover a decades-old secret that sends a shockwave through government security. Fearing it will become front-page news, the government is forced to step in and help with their salvage efforts.In Newport, Oregon, retired Air Force Colonel Oscar Madison Gains spends his time enjoying gardening and meteorite hunting with Marty, his AF friend. Little does he know that the military secret he tried to forget, has now surfaced only a few miles from his home. Oscar is thrown back into the cloak and dagger world and forced to utilize his high-level government connections. O.M.G. follows these two storylines as they come crashing together in a climax that unearths a million-year-old secret.

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S.O.S. is Book Three in
the Acroname series.

University professors, James and Stacy Sanders, find themselves caught up in the social networking world to such an extent that it affords them minimal time for themselves or their two children.  A catastrophic disaster throws these two together on an uninhabited extinct Pacific volcano, with little hope of being rescued.  They quickly discover that teamwork and close communication are a priority, if they plan to survive.

They must rely upon their scuba diving skills, and their extensive knowledge in World War II history, to keep one step ahead of the of the forces of Mother Nature, and a relentless cold-blooded killer.

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You can preview sample chapters by going to: S.O.S.


D.N.A. is Book Two in the Acroname series.

Fifty-five-year-old police detective Frank Ridge has hit a slump in his career. A recent homicide case is botched, and Frank is blamed for not keeping up with crime scene technology. In an effort to rectify the situation, he enlists the help of Dennis Andrews, a young CSI military scientist who is fascinated with all the latest technologies. Dennis has created a new device that quickly analyzes DNA samples at the molecular level, without damaging or even touching the samples.

Together, the two crime fighters start working as a team solving virtually impossible cold cases. Everything seems to be going well at first, but then the two are under fire from government officials who would like to see the DNA device disappear, along with the dynamic duo. To complicate matters further, the killer in the botched homicide has decided that Frank is to blame for all his legal problems, and is hell-bent to make him pay. Frank and Dennis become moving targets as they continue their quest to solve cold cases.

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You can preview sample chapters by going to: D.N.A.

C.A.T. is Book One in the Acroname series.

Curt Allen Towers (C.A.T.) owns a successful manufacturing company, specializing in miniaturized robotic devices. His life is turned upside down when he is accused of the rape and murder of a business associate. Curt struggles to prove his innocence, but finds there is a fine line between
friend and foe. He must now rely on his gut feelings to judge a person and read them with his heart.

A fugitive from prison, he desperately runs for his life, evading one attempt after another on his life. Curt lives up to his nickname of CAT and wonders if nine lives are enough? If you loved the TV action adventures of “The Fugitive” and “MacGyver,” then you will enjoy C. A. T.

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