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  Adjusting Color Balance
  Avoiding Backscatter
  Digital Day Dawning
  Digital Image Compression
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  Tell a Story
  Wider is Better

Editorial Articles

2001 Jan/Feb 3D Underwater Macro
2001 April Digital Day is Dawning
2001 April Something for Everyone - Fiji
2001 April Tell a Story
2001 May Avoiding Backscatter
2001 June Digital Revolutions
2001 July Film Fundamentals
2001 July Shoot Small
2001 Aug Making Sense of Scanners
2001 Sept Scanning Underwater Images
2001 Nov/Dec Adjusting Color Balance
2001 Nov/Dec Ikelite Digital 6130 Housing
2002 Jan/Feb Taming the Battery Beast
2002 Mar When Cloning is OK
2002 Mar Digital Image for Underwater Photographer
2002 April Editing Made Easy
2002 May Learning to Shoot
2002 June Advanced Options
2002 July Digital Corrections
2002 Aug Digital Point and Shoot
2002 Sep/Oct Shutter Delay
2002 Nov/Dec Digital Image Compression
2003 Mar Digital Dilemmas
2003 April White Balance
2003 May The Digital Darkroom
2003 June TTL vs Manual Flash
2003 July Traveling with Digital Cameras
2003 Aug Test Run Sea and Sea
2003 Aug Wider is Better
2003 Sept Shoot Shallow
2003 Sept Voila Perfect Photos
2003 Oct EXIF Images
2003 Dec Making the Switch
2004 Jan/Feb Getting Close
2004 Mar The Dark Side
2004 April The Compositional Crop and Speed
2004 May Digital Lighting
2004 June Shootout
2004 July Ethics of Digital Imaging
2004 Aug Smart Saves for Digital Images
2004 Sept Quick Photoshop Fixes
2004 Oct Photo Guru Expedition
2004 Dec The Sharper Underwater Image
2005 July Maximum Exposure
2006 July 10 Steps Digital Workflow
2007 Jan All in One - Fijji


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