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Editorial Articles

1974 May Posterize Those Pix
1977 Aug Underwater Stamps of the World
1978 Feb The Red Invasion
1979 Dec Beach Diving
1979 May Light Handle
1980 May Ready Light
1981 May Color Films Underwater
1981 Oct Fisheye Flash Geri Murphy
1982 Jan The Magnificent Melibe
1985 May Quest for the Delicious Dungeness Crab
1985 June Nikonos V
1986 April Nikonos SB102 Strobe System
1986 June Its in the Barrel
1986 Dec Nikonos land Photography
1989 April Hypertech Pro9A Housing
1989 May Ikelite Video Housing Sony CCD V9
1989 June Hypertech Pro 40
1989 July Sony CCD V11
1989 Aug Ikelite SLR AF Case
1989 Sept Hypertech Pro 11
1989 Sept Ikelite Disc Case System
1989 Oct Equinox Pro PAK6
1989 Nov Motormarine II
1989 Dec Aqua Video Housing Sony CCD V99
1990 Jan Amphibico VII
1990 June Ikelite JVC GR-A1U HOUSING
1990 Sept Riding Rock Inn
1990 Oct Club Med Sonora Bay
1990 Oct Sea and Sea Underwater lenses
1990 Nov Ikelite Sony TR5
1991 June Ikelite Housing CCD V101
1991 Oct Ikelite Housing JVC GR AX7
1992 Jan Amphibicam Universal V801
1992 Sept Wide Angle Accessories for Nikonos V
1993 Oct Amphibico Sports Capsule
1995 Jan Cousteau Photo
1995 Jan Phoenix 10
1995 Dec Motormarine II EX
1996 Feb Fiji Naia
1996 Feb SSI Platinum Pro 5000
1996 Mar Sea and Sea YS120 DUO
1996 May Savusavu
1996 May Sea and Sea 12mm Fisheye Lens
1996 June Taveuni
1996 July Discovering Fiji
1996 Aug Kadauv Mantana Resort
1996 Sept Vatulele Island
1996 Oct Fiji Forbes
1996 Nov Western Fiji
1996 Dec Fiji Elegant Sere
1997 Feb Sea and Sea MX10
1997 Feb The Forgotten Paradise of the Solomon Islands
1997 Mar Fiji Forbes Laucala
1997 April Spectacular Sauvsavu
1997 May Unlock the Photographer Within
1997 June Fiji Matana Beach and Dive Kadavu
1997 June Sea and Sea MX10
1997 July Sea and Sea MX10 and Macro Lens
1997 July The Secrets of Diving in Fiji
1997 Aug Dive Taveuni
1997 Aug Sea and Sea MX10 with Closeup lens
1997 Sept Fijian Hideaway is a Soft Coral Lovers Paradise
1997 Sept Sea and Sea CX600
1997 Sept Sea and Sea Dynamic DUO
1997 Sept Sea and Sea MX10
1997 Oct Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Island Resort
1997 Nov Fiji Forbes Laucala
1998 Jan Welcome to My Fiji
1998 Mar Sea and Sea VX 1000 Housing
1998 June Drafahl Bio
1998 June Motor Marine II EX
1998 July Strobe Photography
1998 Aug Macro Photography Sea and Sea
1998 Sept Fiji Forbes Style
1998 Sept Wide Angle Sea and Sea
1999 Jan The Two Worlds of Fiji
1999 Feb Shark Photos
1999 April Photographing Flourescent Corals
1999 June How to Get Started in Underwater Photography
1999 Aug Diving Point and Shoot Cameras
2000 July Jack and Sue Bio
2001 Aug Advanced UW Camera Systems


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